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PREMIERE: Indie-pop starlet captivates listeners with new single “Breathe”



Nashville’s Julia Kahn is a rising pop force with her latest single “Breathe”, about self-empowerment, expression and realizing your own worth!



Indie-pop songstress Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chillwave, RnB, soulful indie-pop vibe. She carries a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling, dealing out heart-felt grooves that reach out to your soul, so it comes as no surprise that her new single “Breathe” is a positive groove just in time for summer.

Julia comments, “This song is much different than my previous releases, being more of a high-energy electronic, and vibey song to move to..but underneath the layers of it is an important part to the story and my journey towards self-love that I felt needed to be expressed. It is really a song about self-empowerment, expression, and realizing your own worth!”


Her debut single, “Fly Away”, charted in the UK’s commercial pop charts — moving up quickly from #25 to #9 in the charts within a week. Her single “Light On” also gained incredible reception from outlets, with the Lynx remix of the song recently being featured on BBC Radio 1’s René la Vice show. Julia collaborated with Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Nominated Producer Bryan Todd on these two releases. Her latest single, “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot”, has already gained nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify alone.



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