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Premiere: Lisa Ramey unveils “Left for Dead (Ayaya Remix)”



Lisa Ramey has teamed up with producer and remixer Ayaya to unveil “Left for Dead (Ayaya Remix).  The original track comes from her 2020 album Surrender which ranked at #34 on the Good Morning America “Top 50 Albums of 2020” list. Additionally, Ramey earned a #12 ranking on the iTunes R&B chart for her cover of The Band’s “The Weight” on The Voice.

Read our interview with Ramey below and click here to listen to the official “Left for Dead (Ayaya Remix)”!

1. Last year you released your debut album Surrender. How did it feel to finally be able to put your own body of work out into the world?

I felt relief! I couldn’t believe how well it turned out considering I had planned a huge NYC release party with sponsors, musicians, backup singers, photographers, red carpet, press, food vendors and I rented out a department store….so much to cancel, pivot then figure out a virtual release.

Relief and intense happiness :)))

2. Of all the tracks off Surrender, what was it about “Left for Dead” that made you want to revisit it in a new way?

I chose to remix Left for Dead because of the strong message behind the song and tempo! L4D is my underdog song and I love screaming the chorus. Tempo wise, It’s always fun to take a slow sexy song and speed it up. It leaves so much room to play!

3. What was the collaboration process like with Ayaya on this remix?

Tim is a very close friend of mine. I knew we would really enjoy working together on this track. When Tim brought Anthony into the mix, I trusted it would be a match made in heaven. The three of us were like three little kids in a candy store. It was so much fun that we decided later to put out a remix of Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M. for Christmas

4. Your journey has been so unique, having sung for Cirque Du Soleil and been a finalist on The Voice. What was the biggest lesson you learned from those experiences?

I became a soul/rock singer during The Voice. After I made John Legends team, John asked me what Genre I was and right then I realized I wanted to be a rockstar and not an R&B singer. Singing Sex on Fire to get a chair turn after not getting any chairs to turn on Season 15 brought out my inner dragon. I haven’t been the same since.

Cirque. Running away with the circus was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was a game changer. I really learned to trust myself. I kinda had to. It was either rise to the occasion or sink and I did not travel across the world from NYC to Australia to sink. I learned I can perform pretty well under any circumstance. So many things can happen during a circus performance and it is the musicians job to bring the show back on track. It’s a lot of pressure! People are tossing your roommate in the air to land on another artist’s shoulders across the room! How am I supposed to do anything but cry during Wheel of Death? It’s called the Wheel of Death for a reason. Terrifying.  But I did my job in every performance for a year and a half. I learned I was a badass…but nothing like the artists in KOOZA. Every show I was amazed by them ALL. I LOVE being a part of my Cirque du Soleil family

5. With the world being thrown completely upside down the past year, we’ve seen artists getting creative with the way they interact with fans and supporting their releases (like you hosting an album release party via Twitch). For you personally, what have been the benefits of interacting with your fans in an entirely virtual way? Are any of these COVID-necessitated practices ones you’d use to support future releases post-pandemic?

Because I released my album virtually via Twitch, I played to a crowd of over 3,500 people! Not mad about it. Lemons to Lemonade! I think it’s smart to lean in to virtual shows. I only ever want to perform live in front of the biggest crowds imaginable, but even still why not set up cameras so the world can join!

6. You’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world. If you could snap your fingers and get to pick any location in the world to perform your first concert post-COVID, where would you choose and why?

Top 4:

Fuji- Fuji Rock Festival

Spain- Festival Internacional

Rio- Rock in Rio Festival

England- Glastonbury Festival. Because beaches, big crowds and live music for daaaaaaays

7. Lastly, any plans for 2021 that you’re able to share?

I am in the studio working on my second album. I’m creating an album around Fannie Lou Hamer’s soul-bearing voice. Fannie Lou Hamer was a voting and civil rights activist who believed and fought hard for all men and women to be able to register and vote. She was also the co-founder of the Freedom Democratic Party and not many people know who she is. I plan to change this through music. When Fannie sings, you feel it. The world needs to know who she is and what she’s done for us all.

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