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Premiere: Mons Vi shares brand new single & video “After School”



Changing yourself for somebody else is a dangerous path to follow, and that’s something Mons Vi knows too well.

With his new single “After School, Mons Vi—the musical alias of multimedia artist Matthew Hershoff—explores the pitfalls that come with yearning for somebody so much that you lose yourself trying to become who you think they want.

“‘After School’ is about the dangers of seeking validation externally instead of looking for it inside,” said Hershoff. “The first time I had my heart broken was by my best friend in high school. All I wanted was for her to have feelings for me the way I did for her, and when she didn’t, I felt totally worthless. ‘After School’ is about that desire – wanting someone so bad that you’d rather lose yourself in fantasy than face the reality of rejection.”

The music video for the track was filmed in Mexico City and features an all-queer cast.

Of the video, director and choreographer Renata Pereira Lima noted, “We wanted to make a movement video with performers instead of dancers. The aesthetic of ‘After School’ was inspired by The Office and Catholic nuns at a monastery. These two worlds combined is the essence of what ‘After School’ portrays, the angst that lives within innocence (and vice versa). Throughout the video we see that the idea of beauty slowly is discovered and extracted from boredom and the mundane. Choreographing movement was also a priority. The body language and the choreography translates the feelings of angst and innocence.”

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