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Premiere: Nashville singer-songwriter Sam Robbins’ newest single “Saying Amen”



As the third single from his upcoming album, “Saying Amen” is a touching folk single aimed directly at southern racism and prejudice. In this beautiful tune, Robbins explores what it truly means to be Godly.




“I wrote Saying Amen on Christmas Eve this past year. I had never tried to write a political song, even though so many of my heroes built their careers on writing protest songs. I felt like my feelings on the world today were too much for me to encapsulate in three minutes, or that it wasn’t my place to speak out about it. Really, it was fear driving me to stay silent – fear about losing listeners, losing friends or losing my identity as a writer.

Writing Saying Amen came organically after I saw a Facebook post from an old, deeply religious friend. He is truly one of the nicest people I know. What he said, and posted frequently, was steeped in deep racism. This song was easy to write because it was written as a letter to a friend who I wanted to reach but didn’t know how. Writing Saying Amen opened a new door of creativity and gave me the strength to speak out.”




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