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Premiere: NYC’s Min the Universe dancefloor ready debut single “Find Your Summer (feat. Alex Holmes)”



NYC based Min the Universe releases dancefloor ready debut single “Find Your Summer (feat. Alex Holmes)”


Electronic music (house, electro-pop, EDM and so on) can be a genre defined by its similarities, rather than the spirit of individual songwriting – while this lends itself well to 10-hour club playlists and DJ sets, it rarely leads to the same kind of individual connection to a track that you might have with your favorite rock, pop or indie band.


Rising star electronic producer Min the Universe (born Min Wang) seems acutely aware of the above; his debut single “Find Your Summer (feat. Alex Holmes)” injects a much-needed dose of authenticity into the crowded house / electronic pop space. An absolute earworm of a single (we normally save that phrase for mainstream radio tunes…so you know we mean it!); there are nods to Calvin Harris, Nora En Pure and Zedd mixed with perhaps deceptively simple layers of electronic flavor that serve to emphasize the strong topline melody from vocalist Alex Holmes.

Clocking in at just over 4 minutes, this track is electronic pop/house music at it’s best, with a compelling melody and danceable beat that doesn’t overstay its welcome but does leave you wanting more.


The strong composition of the track is no surprise to anyone that has tracked Min’s path prior to this project – he has spent most of his formative years playing in grunge, Jazz and alternative rock bands around NYC while simultaneously honing his skills as an electronic music producer. Those experiences, along with his (ex) career as a Wall Street executive, have clearly given him the focus necessary to overcome the tropes of the electronic music genre.

“Find Your Summer” will call you to the dancefloor….but we can guarantee you’ll have it stuck in your head on the drive home too. Listen to the world premiere below, exclusive on Nu Sound!



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