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Premiere: UK EDM group LZ7’s latest track in their live stream series “Home”



Taken from their album of the same name, LZ7’s song “Home” has become one of their signature live tracks that epitomizes everything the LZ7 family is all about.


As artists explore live streaming production capabilities to keep fans engaged through the pandemic, EDM group LZ7 uses contagious rhythms to create an exciting performance for their single “Home”. Out tomorrow, the live session is second in the LaunchGlobal.TV Illuminate Your City From Home series.



LZ7 leader Lindz elaborates,

“When I wrote the song I pictured a sea of people at a festival just being together, shoulder to shoulder like family looking out for each other. Where we might have had a tough home life or great memories the song reminds us that friends are the family we choose and as a wider family there is always hope for a brighter future. The drop is inexplicably infectious making it hard to sit still when Home is played loud. The live session brings all this to life as a reminder that there is always hope and this season will pass as the best is yet to come!”


The video features impressive dance soundscapes backdropped by the group’s live energy that can be felt even through the world wide web.

This series follows the success that LZ7 has seen from their weekly Cabin Fever live streams that they started during the peak of the pandemic to be able to connect with their fans during these hard times. Now LZ7 are following up with a full tour production level set up that including lighting and effects from some of the top stage designers in the industry for their upcoming series of performances with LaunchGlobal.TV on October 23rd, November 28th and December 18th.


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