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PRIDE SERIES: DIY King Gianni Paci



PRIDE month is a time of pure, honest, and loud celebration of LGBTQA people across America. Nu Sound is joining in the celebration by providing an outlet for LGBTQA artists to tell their stories, share their music, and be heard from across the nation. Allies, we encourage you to support these artists by streaming, sharing, or purchasing their music.


Kicking off our PRIDE SERIES is Gianni Paci, a New York rocker who’s latest single “Only A Mile” features himself on every single instrument, produced himself. If somehow that wasn’t enough to satisfy you, Paci also directed, shot and edited the accompanying music video. Talk about DIY!


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“Gianni, tell us about the best experience you ever had performing.”


“When I was in high school, I toured Europe with the Butthole Surfers. The last day of that tour will probably go down as one of the best, if not the best, experiences I ever had on stage. It was my birthday and they surprised me by bringing out a cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. We were performing at the London Forum and the show was sold out. It also happened to be the night they chose to record their live album, so the whole thing is immortalized on record!”


Gianni on “Only A Mile” inspiration:

“After an evening out at a reception for somebody that I used to know, I felt compelled to capture the spirit of the night in song. Contained within is a series of double entendres that come as close to bottling that feeling as anything ever will, for it’s not so much about what is explicitly stated as what is suggestively inferred. Between the line of illusion and reality, there’s ‘Only A Mile.’”

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