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Profile: 16-year-old Gabrielle Sophia



Gabrielle Sophia is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter, based in Charlotte North Carolina. She plays guitar, and sings, but most of all likes to write songs. She first started playing guitar just out of curiosity one day, as an old guitar was lying around the house.

314fb628-f9e2-4e19-828e-900d67f81b31-287-0000002889730ab0_tmpShe quickly taught herself how to play a few songs and started experimenting with writing songs. Songwriting soon became a part of her identity and a way to express different aspects of life, and being a teenager. The first song she performed was one she has written called Devil Girls. It is a slightly sarcastic song about teenage relationships. She jokes that now when sharing a new song with her mom, it is hard to surpass Devil Girls.

She is influenced by musicians such as Kacey Musgraves, and Miranda Lambert, but loves and incorporates all times of music. She has played at many local venues such as The Double Door Inn, The Evening Muse, Moochies Tavern, and Puckett’s Farm Equipment.

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