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Pröwess release live EP ‘Roll’n with the Punches’ featuring new songs



Charlotte’s very own rock n’ roll band Pröwess won’t let anything slow them down.

The band had their RV stolen while on tour this January, an event so crazy that it garnered national media attention from the likes of Alternative Press and Metal Injection. Rather than let that stop them, the band decided to roll with the punches and recorded a live EP devoted to insane stories from the road.

Appropriately titled Roll’n with the Punches, the EP features two new songs and live versions of “Let It Ride” and “No Survivors”. As a bonus, the EP also features a bonus track “Show Me…Again”, an acoustic arrangement of “Show Me”.

Check out the album artwork and track-listing:

pröwess roll'n with the punches

  1. Roll with the Punches
  2. Killing a Giant
  3. Let it Ride
  4. No Survivors
  5. Oh What a Time
  6. Show Me…Again

Stream the record here.

Catch the band live at one of their upcoming shows:

07/28   Asheville, NC @ Mack Kells
08/03   Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
08/24-25   Muncie, IL @ Shake N’ Quake

Follow Pröwess on their socials:

Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   YouTube

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