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Quarantine concert: Sure Sure live in “The Attic”

Photo by Brittany O'Brien



Featured Image by Brittany O’Brien.

2020 has introduced sizable changes to the music scene, to say the very least. Virtual concerts have been popping up from Coldplay’s #TogetherAtHome and inspiring larger collaborations like Lady Gaga’s “One World”. One creative band even had the idea to go on “tour” around their home, playing iconic venues like “The Kitchen,” “The Hallway,” “Mike’s Bedroom,” and the thing that brings us here today, “The Attic.”

Just before the height of protests, East L.A. art-pop band, Sure Sure, held an encore concert to their “Home Home Tour 2020” in their attic — a scenic and cozy stage rumored to be at an altitude of 40,000 ft. This funky group is made up of Chris Beachy (vocals, keyboard), Charlie Glick (guitar, vocals), Kevin Farzad (drums, percussion), and Michael Coleman (producer).

Sure Sure welcomed viewers to their concert by first saying “we can’t pretend that everything’s okay” (Glick). The band stood together in self-created shirts that read “Justice for George” + “Black Lives Matter” and dedicated the show to Americans who have suffered from police brutality/injustice, as well as the sad, lonely, and confused people out there.

Their setlist included new, popular, and unreleased songs, as well as covers. Throughout the concert, fans with likeminded humor commented “the venue is stunning”, “consider me crumpled”, “the subject matter is as deep as the song title is complicated”, and offered their virtual claps after songs. A cool thing about this band is their camaraderie with each other. Small talk between sets involved customary concert banter like thought experiments and debating psychology. The usual stuff. To reach Sure Sure in the future, Farzad recommended fans to “send us an email, send us a tweet, yell into the night sky… there is a lot of ways to reach us”.

Tickets to the concert sold for $10-$20 and the band donated a portion of proceeds to NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) as well as ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

If you like aesthetic bass lines, listen to their most recent single “What Were We Doing If We Weren’t In Love?”:

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Irene got her B.A. in English and Music Industry from UCLA. She has an affinity towards film music, her piano, and embracing her Armenian identity. Instagram | @theonewhereireneisfine

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