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Raucous Arkansas hardcore band Terminal Nation vomit political rage on new single “Disciple of Deceit”



As hardcore group Terminal Nation prepares to release their debut LP, Holocene Extinction, set for an August 7th release, the band express American disdain in video “Disciple Of Deceit”.


Filmed, edited, and directed by TERMINAL NATION, with additional film by Zack Ward, “Disciple of Disdain” is the band’s powerful declaration of anger towards horrific American events taking place.

Vocalist Stan Liszewski declares, “‘Disciple Of Deceit’ is about these right wing (typically straight, white, male) politicians and political types who use their cherry-picked version of Christianity as a means to infringe upon the existence of others. They’ll go after things like marriage equality, other religious beliefs, trans rights, abortion rights, and more, taking stabs at some of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the US, yet upon meeting any resistance to their regressive way of thinking, they develop a persecution complex and act as if they are the ones that are the oppressed.”



In the midst of lockdowns, pandemic, police brutality, kleptocracy – all led by the orange menace – the injustice system is alive and well. Since day one TERMINAL NATION has been shining a light on it all through their crushing music, point blank lyrics, merch and media, lashing out at institutional corruption and racist power structures. Following several releases from the politically minded powerhouse on Deep Six Records, TERMINAL NATION‘s Holocene Extinction marks the debut full-length assault, the band returning at a pivotal moment where lines are being drawn and the possibilities of compromise are going up in smoke. Like fuel to the fires of dissent, the band’s brutally heavy amalgam of metallic hardcore, death metal and powerviolence eviscerates the recognizable and the insidious forces propping up the White Supremacy machine.





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