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Rawrb from Psychostick chats new music, 2018 plans



How did you guys all meet and when did you know you had something with the band?
Josh and I (Rawrb) met in high school and had the awesome/stupid idea to start a comedy band. A couple of years later we ended up in Phoenix, AZ and found Alex in the Phoenix New Times classifieds section. Matty was inducted into the band after several years of touring when we had another lineup change. Thanks Billy for that’n!
Describe playing small shows and growing as a musician into where you are now?
The general size of the shows have grown, for sure. There’s been a tremendous amount of progress and personal improvment in not just being musicians, but as people making the best of what they have and appreciating every molecule of success we’ve achieved. We are very differnent people than we were in 2006, and I like to think that the music reflects that in its own weird way.
Who are some of your influences then and now?
The influential artists and other sources of comedy started with Weird Al, the Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, etc. Musically it started with Pantera, Machine Head, Sevendust, Hatebreed, Primus, and Nothingface. Today those influences still ring true for the most part. What inspires us these days is the drive to better ourselves and those who can put out amazing content while making it look easy.
What’s the song writing process like?
It’s very organic and dynamic. The idea will usually spark a few lyrics, a chorus, or a riff, and it gestates from there into a blob of stupid comedic metal.
What was the idea behind creating “Give Thanks or Die” and doing the parody?
Our bassist Matty J conceptualized the parody and most of the lyrics, I believe. “Get This” was a song I wasn’t familiar with, but when Matty came to us with the idea, it clicked right into place with us because we are VERY passionate about food.

Talk to me about plans for 2018?
As of right now we plan on releasing our next album along with some touring to support it, and for the first time we’re heading to mainland Europe! Super excitin’ stuff for us.

Who is your favorite comic book character?
I really enjoyed Spider Man and Wolverine when I was a kid. Good stuff.

Photo credit Colt Coan
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