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Recapping CHON at Amos’ Southend




Oceanside, California based band CHON made their way to Charlotte, North Carolina last Wednesday. They graced the stage at the recently reopened Amos’ Southend, and marks their twelfth stop on their twenty-one city tour.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard about CHON but you had never been to one of the famed “math rock” band’s shows – Or, you’re more like my friend who accompanied me to the show and you’ve seen CHON about twenty times and you know all about how they have been metaphorically melting faces since 2008 and how they have three full-length studio albums along with two EP’s… Either way, you were blown away by their most recent show in the Queen City.

Between the odd time signatures, the mesmerizing light show, and the sweeping guitar sound, seeing CHON live is flat-out intoxicating. 

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