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Review: Foo Fighters return with ‘Medicine at Midnight’



Foo Fighters, just released their new album Medicine at Midnight after releasing the single “Shame Shame” more than a couple of months ago.

We music-lovers have trouble with change, I know I do. I stopped being a Taylor Swift fan when she switched genres, sue me. It’s strange; I find myself thinking about how much I still admire Taylor Swift while I don’t listen to any of her new music. Coming back from my Taylor Swift tangent, I think tabloids and the media are being straight-up mean about this new Foo Fighters album, and it’s the same kind of mean I was when Taylor Swift started straying from the country genre, yes, I’m back on my Taylor Swift tangent. Foo Fighter’s fans are angry; How DARE they stray from their oh-so-great raw rock n’ roll sound to more experimental new-wave type beat?

We can’t deny that we saw this coming, their previous album Concrete and Gold, showed the early signs of a slight genre shift. My favorite song by the Foo Fighters (and I personally still think it’s their best song to date) is “My Hero,” and that is the Foo Fighters sound I know and love. It’s definitely a weird adjustment from those gritty rock tunes to songs like “Chasing Birds,” “Medicine Midnight,” and “Waiting On A War” which are close to the opposite of what’s expected. So yeah, I see where the die-hard fans are coming from.

But if you’re a fan, give this album a listen with an open mind. I tend to close off and immediately have a bad opinion on new music if it doesn’t instantly line up with my expectations. Yeah, I was hoping for something different, but, what I got instead was still genuinely great music. Well, except “Cloudspotter,” I don’t like that song. But just about every other song can be considered pretty darn good. Thank you, Dave Grohl, I appreciate you.


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