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Review: Jacob Collier releases a cheeky EP ‘Jacobean Chill’



While art comes in many forms, there is nothing (arguably, of course) as colorful and immersive as music. While musicians bask in the colors in sounds, there are handful of prodigies who simply create their own color–their own style of music to change the sphere of music. That’s where Jacob Collier comes in; a 26- year old London native who The Guardian praises as “jazz music’s new messiah”. Collier humbly stuns the folk, capella and jazz worlds, and after returning from world tour he’s released his EP Jacobean Chill.

His most previous work was a four-volume album Djesse, comprised of nearly 50 beautiful songs. It just so happened to win him four impressive Grammys, from his “All Night Long” and “Moon River”, which is his most traveled rendition. Stacked chords and the creation of a new half key (you heard right) landed Collier in symphonic stardom.

Jacobean Chill is much more relaxed than his previous works, hence the chill name. It features six songs, which are most likely his uncategorized favorites, as this EP was released before the fourth volume is complete. While listeners can enjoy the calmness of “The Sun Is In Your Eyes” and “Time to Rest Your Weary Head”, all six songs showcase Collier’s perfect pitch and kind voice. “The Sun Is In Your Eyes” is a recorded voice memo from Collier’s phone that opens ‘Jacobean Chill’ with simple guitar.

Collier switches from acoustic to jazz on a dime with “He Won’t Hold You”, which was previously released. This slow jazz mixture tells the pleasures of being alone and the growing pains that come with it. Mid-song it switches to harp, reflection and harmonious rhapsody, followed by Rhapsody delivering a spoken verse about growing apart. Amist this artistry, he just crosses the line from jazz to downright funky by using more drums in “In Too Deep”.

While this small collection of songs is pleasing to just listen to, it’s even more pleasing to break down his chord progressions, harmonies, and manipulation of sound. For many of us music theory nerds, there is no better word to describe Collier than prodigious.

This EP release is a more marketable streaming tactic for Collier, but it showcases his range in both sound and subject. It shows the little pieces and inspirations between Collier’s big works, which in a way feels more heartfelt. At the very least, Jacobean Chill will bring in traffic to “new” listeners, although many aren’t completely new to Collier’s music and style. He can be found in the vocals of artists like SZA, Pharrel, Daniel Caesar, Ty Dolla $ign, Hans Zimmer and more.

Jacobean Chill cheekily introduces a man who has clearly been surrounded by music his whole life. With each cover and EP Collier throws our way, a glimpse into a music-made man is shown.

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