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Review: jxdn proves punk rock is still in with debut album ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’



Jaden Hossler, better known as jxdn, released his debut album Tell Me About Tomorrow on July 2, 2021, astounding fans with a tracklist of 18 songs. Despite being new to the music world, jxdn has some notable help on his tracks with features including Iann Dior and Machine Gun Kelly. As well as producing credits to Blink 182’s Travis Barker, at just 20, Hossler is proven to take over the punk rock genre as the “it” up and coming star. Although jxdn has a star-studded support system, his talent is undeniable. His naturally raspy voice matched the punk rock genre perfectly. In a short period of time, he has amassed an impressive amount of monthly Spotify listeners almost reaching 6 million.images by jxdn

The first track is titled “INTRO”. In this short voice memo, the listener can hear Travis Barker relaying the news that he found jxdn singing on the internet and automatically fell for his talent. Barker decided to sign Hossler to his record label DTA Records as the first act upon the label’s creation.

The next song is “PILLS”. This song opens with the loud guitar and drums that are normally found in punk music. The song automatically opens with the catchy chorus and then merges into the first verse. This is an interesting way to start off a song but nonetheless is a great way to get listeners engaged by playing the climax of the song as an introduction. This song captures the rockstar lifestyle along with the reckless behavior that often comes with taking a pill to feel better. Hossler is not shy from creating real songs with emotionally vulnerable lyrics. He does not shy away from hard topics like mental health which is what makes his connection to his listeners that much more personal.

“Think About Me” is one of his most recently released singles from his debut album. The song begins with a simple drum beat and layers in a light electric guitar as jxdn begins singing a toe-tapping series of “do do do do do do’s”. This launches the listener into the first verse that details the sensation of not being able to get over someone you once loved. No matter what we do, people tend to stick around in our brains even if we know we do not have the same effect on them. All this heartbreak builds to the over-the-top chorus that shouts “I wasted so much time on you do you even think about me”. This chorus showcases jxdn’s voice as his vocals are elevated over the backing track.

The most recent single from Tell Me About Tomorrow is “Wanna Be” featuring Machine Gun Kelly. Once again, this song captures listeners by beginning with the hook found in the chorus. This song is an anthem for anyone who struggles with self-image, anxiety, depression, or anything else that may be weighing on them. Despite the seemingly upbeat chorus, the verses contain tough subject matter. For example, Hossler sings “looking in the mirror and I hate it”, “There’s no one I can call for help”, and “No prescription makes me better”. His honest songwriting and true punk rock influence make this song a depressive anthem you can’t help but jam to.

A huge influence in jxdn’s music is idols and mentors stemming from Blink 182. It is no secret that Hossler is signed to Barker’s label. His song “A WASTED YEAR” also has writing credits from another Blink 182 legend, Mark Hoppus. If you’re thinking this song sounds oddly familiar but cannot seem to place your finger on it take a listen to “Feeling This” by Blink 182. Jxdn, Barker, and Hoppus decided to sample the chorus from “Feeling This” for “A WASTED YEAR”. This song pays tribute to the OG`s of punk rock and those who graciously aided jxdn in his career through inspiration and mentoring. There is no hiding the fact that he creates music perfect for the punk rock genre that is sure to bring listeners a nostalgic feeling.

“ANGELS & DEMONS” is jxdn’s first single he released. It tells the story of living the rockstar lifestyle and how it may get out of control in reality and will lead to receiving harsh judgment from others. It begins with an ominous buildup through solo guitar strums. His unique voice rings out before the beat drops and drums are added in during the chorus. In the distance jxdn even layers in police sirens to match his lyrics of urgency. Some of these lyrics include “dancing on the cop car”, “Everybody says that I`m falling”, “I`m so sick of the nonsense”, “I don`t really think it’s a problem”, and “one gunshot I could solve ‘em”. The music video follows Hossler through a dangerous downfall that comes with a punk rock lifestyle.

The next track is “INTERLUDE”. In this track, we hear another short voice memo of a female speaking about love. Her voice memo seems to get stuck at the end as the words “One Minute” are repeated over and over the same way, they would on a glitching CD.

Tell Me About Tomorrow proves to be a cohesive work as each song ties into the next. This is something most beginning artists find difficult to carry out. As the previous track repeats the title of this track which is “ONE MINUTE”. This song begins with an upbeat mix of heavy drums and guitar adding in a steady under beat when jxdn’s vocals arrive. This song is another vulnerable track from Hossler about never taking a single minute for granted. This is extremely refreshing coming from someone so young. Everyone should listen to the story behind this song as many of us focus on the smallest things that add distraction and paranoia to our lives. We often forget to celebrate the positives. With lyrics like “I wish I didn`t waste so much time being angry”, “I know I`m only human”, “I would call my parents and my girlfriend next”, “I would say I love you”.

The ninth track on the album is “BRAINDEAD”. This song starts with the lyrics “Braindead I got issues can`t sleep cause I miss you” ringing out above the accompanying guitar. After this intro, the heavy beat of the drum returns and jxdn changes his singing to a lower register. His range and ability to change the tone of his voice emanates two singers on the same track. This talent makes it easy for Hossler to layer his own voice and create his unique sound all on his own. The lyrics tell the story about not being in a relationship even though you love the person and everything reminds you of them. Anyone going through a breakup can relate to these lyrics even if they seem extreme.

“TONIGHT” featuring Iann Dior is the next song. Dior and Hossler have become good friends as both of them continue to rise to the top of the music charts. This is a fun song that starts with a sound that seems to radiate similarities to an old intercom system. “TONIGHT” continues in the punk rock genre but adds in a flare of hip-hop and pop. This track does not have heavy drums and guitars like the other songs. This track carries a more authentic beat that is heard commonly on the radio.

The next song is “FUCKED UP”. This song begins with an emphasis on cymbals instead of snares and bass drums. Jxdn shows his range once again as he switches easily between the lower and upper registers. This song is another ode to mental health. Many people have difficulty admitting their mental health issues. Hossler is extremely vulnerable when it comes to his mental health which is a close tie he holds with his fans. Anyone can listen to this track and find a sense of closure as they will connect to jxdn and the troubled mentality that many of us also feel.

The twelfth song on this debut album is titled “SO WHAT!”. This is another single showcased by jxdn. The music video encompasses the epidemy of what it’s like to be in love in high school. This angsty single has a catchy instrumental line that matched perfectly to his vocals. The lyrics convey getting stuck in a thought train about someone you like. Jxdn sings “so what I`m broken and my heart is frozen”, “knew this love was poison”, “it`s toxic”, and, “she said it’s all my fault”. In the music video, Hossler is seen navigating high school the best he can. He continuously gets turned away by the girl he likes seemingly until he turns the boring school dance into a rager by performing “SO WHAT!” on stage. Many of Hossler’s friends make a cameo in this video including Machine Gun Kelly.

“ANGELS & DEMONS PT. 2” is a sequel track to jxdn’s first single “ANGELS & DEMONS”. The ending of not just the song but the music video leaves the listener on a cliffhanger. Fans were stunned dying to figure out how Hossler would paint the destructive rockstar lifestyle he seemed to be spiraling down. Through this song he admits the difficulties that come with this lifestyle singing “it’s so damn hard surrounded by a million but lonely at heart, I`m falling apart”. This paints how many caught in the spotlight feel. After a deep vulnerable first verse and chorus, the heavy drums and guitar join back in just in time for jxdn to admit he will continue to live how he wants without letting others opinions get in the way.

The next song is another released single off Tell Me About Tomorrow called “Better Off Dead”. This title goes matches the cynicality that is often tied to punk rock. This song tells of a being stuck in a toxic relationship. At first listen you may think this toxicity comes from the girl that jxdn is dating; however, the music video conveys that Hossler is in fact the toxic counterpart. He feels that the relationship will come to an end as he is still in it. He is looking for the good to fall apart while things are in fact still going positively.

The fifteenth track is “DTA” which is also the name of Travis Barker’s label which jxdn is signed to. Although the similarities this song has nothing to do with the story of Barker’s label. Instead, jxdn sings of a relationship where he has been strung out and has decided to fully put it behind him. He sings “I`m through, I`ve had enough”, “you walk in I`m keeping my distance”, “love is dead”. Hossler details that he falls in love deeply and has a difficult time moving on even when it is in his best interest.

“LAST TIME” begins with a soft instrumental and jxdn’s raw voice. When it is time for the first verse the drums and guitar pick up and come in strong. This song directly coincides with the previous one. “DTA” as the storyline tells of needing to leave a toxic relationship. However, no matter how many times jxdn breaks off this relationship he seems to keep going back to it. He sings “Just tell me more lies”, “I try to run but you pull me back in”, “Goodbye falls from my lips this time”, and “break up move on, and then we`re back”. All these lyrics show how difficult it can be to move on from a past love.Images by jxdn

The seventeenth track, “No Vanity”, shows a vulnerability in men that we can all applaud. Once again jxdn proves that he is not afraid to show his insecurities through his music. He details the feeling of uncertainty that comes with love. More often than not this vulnerable side is always slighted toward women. Hossler proves that men feel insecure and vulnerable too, quite unapologetically by naming this song “No Vanity”. People will listen to this song and fall for his honesty.

The last song on his debut album is “Tell Me About Tomorrow”. This is a stripped version of jxdn that is a rarity on this album. Instead of the common heavy drums and guitar, his voice is accompanied by a single acoustic guitar. This song holds heavy lyrical content as he sings “Layin there with no life left in your soul”, “Promise you won`t say goodbye right now”, “It`s not your fault again this time”. Hossler uses this song as not only a savior to his own mental health struggles but also as a savior to his listeners. Hossler’s vulnerability and honesty are two traits that make him extremely admirable as both an artist and a person.

Listen to Tell Me About Tomorrow here.

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