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Revolutionary artist/producer Parkeway drops tracks “Shutdown” and “Paris”



Twenty-two year old artist, lyricist, and father of two Parkeway dropped his singles “Shutdown and “Paris” this year, pursuing the path of a revolutionary artist/producer who takes the independent power of art back into the hands of its creator.

The L.A. native creates everything from scratch, truly championing the importance of artists directing their own paths with the music they create. He immerses himself in everything he produces, prioritizing authenticity and the ability to connect with listeners. Every lyric and beat is made with intention, rendering Parkeway a true creative mind and story teller.

His track “Shutdown” shows his firm grasp on the ability to combine compelling beats with powerful narratives. Its hard hitting, loop-worthy sound backs up lyrics with messages that couldn’t be more pertinent today, calling for listeners to “remember Trayvon,” a reference to the late Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old Black boy who was fatally shot while walking home from the convenience store, as well as referencing the longest government shutdown in history. The track is relevant and forceful. It fades with a voiceover marking the 24th day of the government shut down as piano riffs draw it to a close.

“It’s [the song] a revolutionary lens that looks at what’s going on in our world and a song meant to unify everyone though being a boss and staying LIT,” says Parkeway.

Stream “Shutdown” now on Spotify.

“Paris” begins with swooning violin music and a delicate French voiceover that is sure to captivate listeners before the upbeat track takes over and drives with positive, dance-worthy force. This track shows Parkeway‘s undeniable story telling abilities, moving through the song easily with lyrics that seem like they’ve been a part of him all along. It is fun, melodic, and sure to put you in a good mood. The track comes full circle as it closes with the same dreamy violin music. It’s impossible not to enjoy this song…it’s something I have on repeat.

Stream “Paris” now on Spotify.

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