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Rich Brian, 1999 Rich Brian, 1999


Rich Brian drops ‘1999’ album



Rich Brian, an Indonesian rapper now based in L.A., has released his latest album, 1999. It follows his last album from last summer, The Sailor.

The album is composed of seven tracks, two of which were pre-released. These were “Love In My Pocket” and “Don’t Care,” both of which have music videos. “Love In My Pocket” also has two unofficial music videos, one being an extended version of the song featuring eaJ, also known as Jae from the Korean band DAY6.

1999 is a strong album that further develops Rich Brian’s style, musing over the aches of love and relationships as well as maturation and growth. It’s introspective and personal, and a beautiful portrait of the young musician.

Check out “Love In My Pocket”:

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