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Rich Brian, Don't Care Rich Brian, Don't Care


Rich Brian drops “Don’t Care”



L.A.-based Indonesian rapper Rich Brian dropped another single from his upcoming EP 1999 on August 18, titled “Don’t Care.”

It was with the release of this track that Rich Brian officially announced 1999, teasing its existence throughout the summer. He previewed a portion of “Don’t Care” during ASIA RISING FOREVER, an online charity concert put on by 88rising, the label Rich Brian is signed under.

“Don’t Care” follows the release of “Love In My Pocket” on July 9. Both are fun, energetic tracks that hide melancholic undertones. The heartbreak and confusion lurking in “Love In My Pocket” is counterbalanced by cheeky wordplay and a goofy music video, but “Don’t Care” is more upfront with its speaker’s fears. Rich Brian sings alone against a spinning, vast landscape that’s as beautiful as it is empty.

1999 is set to be released on August 25.

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