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Rich Brian, Love In My Pocket Rich Brian, Love In My Pocket


Rich Brian drops new single “Love In My Pocket”



L.A.-based Indonesian rapper Rich Brian just released his newest single “Love In My Pocket” on July 10.

Sensual, boppy, and a little tongue-in-cheek (the “love in [his] pocket” cleverly rhyming with the so-called “love in [his] rocket,” wink-wink), the single is accompanied by an equally cheeky music video. Rich Brian dances alone on a sparsely decorated green screen set, his charisma alone carrying the video. This is due, he claims at the start of the video, to a lack of “budget for vfx” after being unable to tour this year.

“Love In My Pocket” is anticipated to feature on Rich Brian’s upcoming third album, along with his previously released single “Bali” with Guapdad 4000 and “Don’t Care,” which he teased on the ASIA RISING FOREVER livestream concert hosted by 88rising on May 7.

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