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riot fest 2021 riot fest 2021


Riot Fest 2021 is a lineup to get vaccinated for



Getting vaccinated is punk rock. Get stabbed in the arm so you can enjoy the full return of music festivals, with emphasis on the legendary RIOT FEST. If you can get tickets, that is.


riot fest 2021

Festival lineups are notoriously sneaky with their huge-name headliners covering up the lack of other cool acts further down the admat. It’s rare to have a festival that continuously brings the hottest or most influential acts across all genres to a few days, but it’s Riot Fest’s specialty. While 2019 featured acts Wu-Tang, Bikini Kills, Rise Against, Blink-182 and Slayer, the talent buyers at Riot Fest left no genre untouched with their 2021 return. So much so, that ALL tickets are currently sold out for every date.

Thankfully, per the spunky Riot Fest Twitter account (follow for a laugh), more tickets should be released as refunds are processed. Or you could go to StubHub and pay $650 for a pass. Yikes.


riot fest

If you can’t get to this year though, Riot Fest already came out swinging with two heavy-hitting headliners for the 2022 lineup. My Chemical Romance and The Misfts (original lineup, performing “Walk Among Us”). Those 3-day passes are available now and pretty cheap at around $180, and can be expected to sell out as well.



There’s just something to be said about a Chicago summer with the devil’s carnival at Riot Fest to conclude it. If you’ve never experienced it, it belongs at the top of your bucket list. See you there. Maybe.



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