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Rising artist Loie releases her new single “Pocket World”



South London singer/songwriter Loie is on a surefire path to success. At just twenty-two, she has been picked up by Cloud X to join a growing roster of pure talent. On July 2, 2021, Loie released her newest single “Pocket World”. Loie proves her magic of songwriting as she sings of a utopia we can only imagine living in.

Loie shares the inspiration behind the track saying, “The track is about a girl who wakes up in a fantastical world, Pocket World. Everything sparkles more brightly and nothing can seemingly go wrong … inspired by the way you see the world when you have your shades on, how everything is tinted golden and can slightly change your perception of your surroundings. I imagine Pocket World to have a glossy/sheeny polish with pixelated birds that sing and sway along to the tune in synchronicity.”

 Check it out here:

Listen to “Pocket World” here.

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