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Rob:Earth-One released new project, ‘Before I Go’



Fayetteville-based Hip-Hop artist Rob: Earth-One recently released his much anticipated project, ‘Before I Go’ on September 30th. This piece is more personal for the artist as he touches on topics like depression, drug use, death and most of all, hope. Rob began working on ‘Before I Go’ in late January, right after his collective, The Social Contract released their first compilation album titled ‘Renaissance.’ He says during this time, he was listening to a lot of music by Common, which helped shape the concept and subject matter for the group of songs that would later become ‘Before I Go.’ The beat selection was influenced by the  boom bap sound, as well as hints of R&B influences here and there. Since its release, the project has been well-received by fans. Some say that this may be his best work yet. With more great things scheduled for 2017, it’s nowhere to go but up for The Social Contract.
‘Before I Go’ is available for streaming on the following platforms:

Apple Music:



Google Play:



Twitter: @RobEarthOne

IG: @rob_earth_one

Facebook: /RobEarthOne/


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