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Rosa Bordallo Shares New Single “Sleight of Hand”



Indie rock artist Rosa Bordallo shared “Sleight of Hand” from her forthcoming album Reef Walker. The track is now available on BandcampApple Music and Spotify and follows earlier singles “Lost on the Coast” and “Citadel” which has caught the attention of Bandcamp Daily, If It’s Too Loud, Glam Glare, Ears To FeedLoud Woman, The Autumn Roses, and more.

Bordallo explains the lyrical content: “‘Sleight of Hand’ is about an unreliable lover, sort of a louche grifter type. But the singer has fun with him anyway. It’s an ode to sex, frivolity, and hedonism. I realized afterwards that ‘sleight of hand’ cuts both ways – it can be her despair (he left me) or, alternatively, her power (I made him vanish).” Delivering lyrics that are both suggestive and confrontational, Bordallo sings ardently through a layered haze of jangley rock. A 12-string guitar and wah pedal harken to the sitar-loving psych rock of yore, but paired with a throbbing bass line and glitchy drum loops, paint a lush soundscape that is starkly fresh and alluring.

Reef Walker is due out October 18th, 2019 (Time Castle) and is available for preorder via Bandcamp. To celebrate the release Bordallo and her band will play their New York City record release show at Trans-Pecos on October 18th with Natural Velvet, Blowboater and U+1F631. Tickets are available here. Please see below for more information, links, and advance audio.

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