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Ruel releases new EP “BRIGHT LIGHTS, RED EYES”



Australian singer-songwriter Ruel released his a highly anticipated third EP a month ago today, and it’s been a total killer since it blessed our ears on October 23rd 2020.

Songs on this album include “as long as you care,” “distance,” “say it over again (feat. Cautious Clay),” “up to something” and my personal favorite “courage.”

Directed by Grey Ghost (Jeremy Koren) @grey_ghost

Born Ruel Vincent Van Dijk, the 18-year old singer has a voice unique to anyone else’s in the industry right now, and his latest EP only shows growth from his original chart-topper “Painkiller.”

While we did want a full Ruel album, an EP is all we get for now due to the pandemic. In an interview with NME’s Jasper Bruce, Ruel said that the entire EP was written in Paris with “just a guitar and a little MIDI keyboard,” and with that, him and his team “wrote five songs in about three days, each in under an hour.”

In his 70s themed music videos all associated with this EP (and all directed by Grey Ghost), we see Ruel singing catchy tunes, dancing MAD groovy, and not failing to put a smile on our sad and oh-so-single faces.

Check out “Bright Lights, Red Eyes” on Apple Music and Spotify.

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