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Ryan Oakes: DIY hip-hop of 2017



Ryan Oakes


Q1: What began your passion for hip-hop that lead to your hit Drinking About You?
Can’t really say. All I really remember was hearing an Eminem song in like seventh grade and then randomly started writing raps. I thought it sounded cool and would be an amazing life to live. It’s funny that drinking about you is such a hit because I literally wrote it in 20 minutes the day before I dropped the EP it was on because I wanted 7 songs instead of 6. Very funny how things work out.


Q2: You have a similar style to Witt Lowry, what are some other artists that have inspired your music?
I did for a while but am starting to move away from that and establish “my own sound”. Some other artists I enjoy listening to are NF, Mike Stud, Felly, and the whole array of underground rappers that I work with like Arizona Zervas, C-Trox, Abstract, John Wolf, Anthony Russo, INDY, and many many more.


Q3: You recently graduated from college, what was it like telling people you weren’t searching for a “normal” post-college life?
No one where I’m from gets it and that’s exactly why I’m moving to LA. Everyone where I’m from only know the general day job route because that’s what they group up with their parents doing. It’s a very “simple” area which is totally cool a lot of people are actually super happy living life like that. I just need something more and want to leave an impact and my own personal mark in histories timeline. THat’s been the goal since day one. That and just conquering the world and seeing as much of it as I can.


Q4: Who does your support system consist of?
Me, Myself, and I with the exception of a few friends + family members. It’s hard being an independent musician where I’m from even with all of the traction I’ve been getting. Most people I know haven’t even listened to my music in the last four years and think I’m still a high school frat rapper. But it’s cool I get it now. I have a whole support system waiting for me in LA and the die hard fan base I’ve gained so far that will push me to the top very quickly very soon.


Q5: What began your large success on Spotify?
I get asked this question all the time. I really couldn’t tell you. Up until recently I never even tweeted out any Spotify links or anything at all. It kind of just took off on its own so I like to say that just good karma and good music is what started getting me the momentum I needed.


Q6: What would you say has been the hardest part of this whole project?
Staying consistent when no one is listening. That was the hardest part from the jump. No one wants to think the kid they sat next to in class is gonna be the next big rapper because it just doesn’t seem tangible or realistic until it happens. You just gotta suck it up and figure out how to get yourself exposure when people aren’t listening. Like my hometown isn’t even in the top 50 cities in the world that listen to me. That’s why I’m stoked to move to LA — because thats the city thats streams me the most with Chicago being a very close second.


Q7: Was “Missed Calls” inspired by real people or more of a situation?
All of the missed calls are based on real phone calls / text messages / conversations I”ve had with people. That’s what makes people like them so much because they’ve lived through those situations too. Currently working on the third and final installment of that and I’ve redrafted it about 100 times because I want it to absolutely blow up.


Q8: Will fans be able to find you on tour soon?
Hoping I can get on tour early 2018 I”m expecting a lot of growth these next six months so fingers crossed!


Q9: What artists would most like to tour with?
NF, Witt Lowry, Pouya, Mike Stud, Kyle, MGK, the list goes on and on.


Q10: What’s a quote you live by?
Thoughts become things. If you think negative your life is going to spiral out of control and you’ll hate it. Think positive and positive things will start happening all around you. Trust me.


Q11: Your favorite jam right now?
Single for the summer by Gypps // Felly
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