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Saddle Creek is reissuing Adrianne Lenker’s first solo album + double EP with Buck Meek



Adrianne Lenker saw her career really take flight with the start of her band Big Thief a couple of years ago. But before that was even established, Lenker had begun work with some solo material. That first materialized with her debut solo LP Hours Were The Birds in 2014. And it’s continuing into this year with her upcoming sophomore release abysskissBut for fans of both Big Thief and Lenker’s solo material, there’s some great news to share today. Adrianne Lenker has just announced that both her debut solo album and a lesser-known double EP will be getting the wide reissue treatment they so rightfully deserve.

The two new reissues come from glorious indie label Saddle Creek Records, who have released both of Big Thief’s albums and will be putting out abysskissHours Were The Birds has remained a fairly under-the-radar release for Lenker as it predates Big Thief and was only ever self-released digitally. Additionally, the label will be reissuing a collection of two EPs that were also digitally self-released back in 2014. The double EP is called a-sides and b-sides (which is the titles of the two EPs put together). This one is a collaborative project with Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek. It marks their first-ever release together and comes a few years before the two would join up with Max Oleartchik and James Krivchenia to form Big Thief.

Down below you’ll find the album art for both Hours Were The Birds and a-sides and b-sides along with their respective tracklists.

Hours Were The Birds

01 Hours Were the Birds
02 Lighthouse
03 Disappear
04 Gone
05 Steamboat
06 To Violet
07 Indiana
08 Buttery
09 Snow Song
10 A Love of Some Kind

a-sides and b-sides

01 Jonathan
02 Money
03 Kerina
04 Miss Misty
05 Indiana
06 Yuki Onna
07 I Still Hear You
08 Angels
09 A Better Time to Meet
10 Carolina
11 New York City
12 Ringing Bells
13 Row
14 Wallet

Both Hours Were The Birds and a-sides and b-sides will be released November 16. Pre-order them right here.

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