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Sam DeRosa releases heartfelt single “Sad Faces”



Sam DeRosa has released her heartfelt new single “Sad Faces.”

Raised in New York and based out of LA, the 27-year-old has put her best effort forth in order to make it in the music industry. She began writing her own songs at a very young age. Sam who worked endless hours as a bartender and skipped family holidays in order to perform at gigs, finally made it after performing one of her popular singles “Pill for this,” which won over judge, Shane McAnally, and helped her land her first record deal with Monument Records. Sam was working hard over quarantine writing and releasing “321” this past September and now releasing “Sad Faces.

So, what inspired “Sad Faces”?

“I felt like I got everything I wanted in music and in life, and my Instagram looked all sort of ‘happy,’ but my mental health was just in the toilet.” She deplored in her song, “I just wanna feel fine… But I don’t know how to deal, don’t know how to heal all of the chaos in my mind… Tired of ending all my sentences with sad faces.”

Check it out:

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