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Self-produced artist Cam, the Chef drops LA-inspired track “Talk”



LA artist Cam, the Chef dropped his track “Talk” in 2016, his most successful single featured on his larger self-produced solo effort, “strawberry moon.”

The California native began producing music at 14, developing his sound and the sound of other rap collectives within South Central LA. Cam says his art explores all aspects of the true LA sound, and is influenced by Pharrell Williams, Beach House, The Dogg Pound, & Mac Miller.

“Talk” is a multi-layered track where unique sound intersects with narrative lyrics, rendering Cam, the Chef an artist far from your average “Soundcloud Rapper.” The single is a testament to the sound that LA inspires and is effortlessly remnant of chill beats audiences love. It begins with a mellow yet percussive beat that immediately claims listeners attention and shifts to a more laid-back, hazy beat near the middle of the track: both are equally compelling and possess a West Coast vibe. The single is versatile and personalized, letting listeners pay attention to the lyrics while enjoying the ease of the kick-back atmosphere the song provides. It’s easily playlist worthy and something to keep on loop.

The project features his fellow artists Amindi, Nathan Austin, and Cletus Strap. Cam says he is in the process of mastering the follow up effort, “california wildfires.

Watch the video for “Talk”:

Stream the track now on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud.

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