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Seventeen kicks off ‘Heng:garae’ comeback



To kick off their seventh mini album, Heng:garae, Korean boy group Seventeen sweeps the scene with an explosion–literally.

The group debuted Heng:garae on June 22 after releasing their “My My” music video on June 11. “My My” is the fourth track on the mini album; the second track, “Left & Right,” also received a music video with the release of the full mini album.

“Left & Right” is a fun, catchy song that continues the summer vibes “My My” introduced. The “Left & Right” music video, however, takes a departure from the soft, quirky aesthetic. Instead, member S.Coups gets launched into space in a car–and sent crashing right back down–only to pick himself up and continue dancing.

It ends with the members spray-painting on a brick wall, “Do your best, but maybe not sometimes,” a light-hearted and quirky quip that aptly reflects the group’s attitude.

Check it out:

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