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Sharon Van Etten drops alternate version of “Seventeen” with Norah Jones, new short film



At the top of the year, Sharon Van Etten released her fifth studio album Remind Me Tomorrow. In the months since its release, it’s only grown more and more to being one of the very best releases of the year. On it, Sharon subtly (and sometimes not so subtly – but still thrillingly) evolved her sound to new places. Textures of synthesizers and menacing warbling effects can be heard all over Tomorrow‘s 10 tight tracks. But at its core it’s still very much a personal and emotional journey, never losing sight of what makes SVE such a powerful artist. On the album’s most standout track “Seventeen,” you get the all the goods of what makes the album such a treat. It’s a song that’s buzzing to life in its opening moments before reaching a truly shattering climax. Naturally, it remains one of the finest songs to come out in 2019. So in an attempt to highlight it once more, and to celebrate a personal journey at the same time, Sharon Van Etten has shared a new version of it that features none other than the great Norah Jones.

The alternate take, or country version as Sharon calls it, of “Seventeen” strips down the BIG sounds of the original for a more classic sound. And although it may sound like that could hurt the song’s power, in all actuality it only highlights it even more. This is due in large part to the beautifully rendered duet from Sharon and Norah Jones, whose voices build off of each other in awe-inspiring ways. Also, in taking this song down to its roots, the songwriting shines even more than it already did (which was a lot).

The new “Seventeen” is also part of a 7 minute short film titled Departurewhich takes us behind the scenes of Sharon Van Etten’s last few days living in New York City. It also features a snippet of a live performance with Norah Jones as well as footage from their studio recording session of the track. Both the song and film are out now via Amazon music.

To stream “Seventeen” you’ll have to be a Prime member and head right here. The film, though, is available for all to see. You can check it out right down below.

Remind Me Tomorrow is out now. Pick up a copy here.


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