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Show Review: Diet Cig in Charlotte (2/26)



The alternative rock, “Slop Pop” duo was formed in 2014 when Alex Luciano met Noah Bowman at a college party where Bowman played in his band. The two clicked to form a group that wrote upon fun-loving upbeat tracks about youth, love, and life. Diet Cig most recently released their first LP Swear I’m Good At This via Frenchkiss records. The debut peaked at #5 on the Heatseekers chart. The group has gained a following since being written on by NPR Music, Noisey, Pitchfork, etc. I recently saw them perform at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC where the group and supporting acts, Great Grandpa and The Spook School, put on an entertaining show.

An on and off rainy Monday in the Queen City could keep you inside after working and running errands, but Diet Cig and co kept the attention away from a dreary beginning of the week. I saw The Spook School for the total of 1 song. While it was not too much of an impression, the Indie Pop group from Edinburgh, Scotland make a lasting one with their catchy tunes.

I Want to Kiss You, Keep In Touch, and Still Alive are among my few favorites. The band just released a live album via Audiotree and their 3rd LP Could It Be Different? in 2018. Second up was American Indie Rock group, Great Grandpa. The group was interesting to say the least. Instrumentals that surprisingly ripped considering I was expecting more of a “Pop” performance.

Vocalist Alex Menne puts on a show that poses as clean and mellow, but comes at you with some shrieks and yells at other points. In 2017, Great Grandpa released a live album via Audiotree and their debut LP Plastic Cough. The group previously came off toward with Citizen. My favorite tracks by the group are Teen Challenge, Fade, Expert Eraser, and Favorite Show. Then, Diet Cig was remaining to headline. I have an interesting interaction to explain. Alex Luciano explained early in the set that she and the group were about the fans staying safe. Implying that it’s okay to tell their manager if someone touches you inappropriately. If you have never seen or listened to Diet Cig before, most could describe them as somewhat Punk. This typically calls for some type of crowd surfing or stage diving at the venue with no barricade. My imagination was listen to ‘Link In Bio’ and be the one to initiate a stage dive.

After I had crawled onto the stage and moved around a sec to find a good landing spot, the band abruptly stopped the set. After the show, I apologized and she explained to me men before had endangered their safety. To me, a band should make it clear to the fans and venue that they do not want people stage diving or even crowd surfing. It is practically a double standard when preferences are not communicated to those involved. I can completely understand wanting to stay safe and enjoy the show, but it is hard for me to imagine groups of a similar genre not having fans who want to crowd surf or stage dive. Otherwise, the performance was stellar as far as the energy goes. An observable passion was emitted from each band member.

For a Monday, I could not have had a better experience at the show. A lot of groovy, head-bobbing, positive vibes to be absorbed. I think the outlook from the artists who performed is expected. They clearly want a place where women and other people can feel themselves without being subject to ridicule and uncontrollable situations.


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