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Show Review – Dryjacket (9/25) Charlotte, NC



written by contributor Aaron DiDonato

Fortunately, I have the day off from work and usually have plans at my favorite local bar with friends. After recently following independently owned venue The Station, I noticed only several hours before my typical outing that they were holding an event with Emo Rock/Indie standout Dryjacket headlining.

Dryjacket signed with Hopeless Records in 2015 joining label mates The Wonder Years,
Taking Back Sunday, Neck Deep, Moose Blood, the late Yellowcard, and many more. Hailing
from South Jersey, they come from a lineage of groups who originate from the Northeastern
region of the states trying to bring us the Pop Punk/Emo revival. The group is coming off their
2016 stint with Yellowcard on their final world tour (which I worked at/witnessed) and the
release of their first LP For Posterity in 2017. My imagination was that these guys were going to gain a lot of speed on touring after being exposed by a band that shaped the trajectory of a
genre so wildly popular in the early 00’s. Unfortunately, after speaking with a member of the
band, their growth has been curbed by being excluded from bands’ tours this year. A
circumstance that only happens with so many talented groups emerging in an era of revival.

I was in for a sweet Monday night treat as the group played songs off the latest LP and
their debut EP Lights, Locks, and Faucets. I was accompanied in attendance by local opening groups’ members, venue staff, and just a few others. They showcased us math rock influenced intricate guitar work, pop punk rhythm, and emo vocals that rode upon all of us in a complete head bobbing wave. Those upbeat, outgoing sounds were interlocked by parts that were made slower and inviting. This group should be one to absolutely get excited over as they not only offer that flowy sound on their recorded work, but live as well. Never did I feel they had a song in the set list, that felt “blocky” or out of place.

Check out For Posterity, one of the most undiscovered gems of the year. Keep watching
out for these guys as they will be joining Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties (Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years) on tour 11/3 – 11/11. Upcoming 2018 is bound to be when Dryjacket makes their breakthrough that’s much needed and deserved.

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