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Show Review: Knuckle Puck and Movements in Carrboro, NC 11/4



knuckle puck

Many pop-punk bands have exciting crowds at shows, ones that jump, scream, crowd surf and participate in all the fun aspects of live music, but Chicago’s Knuckle Puck crowd requires a different word to accurately describe it: beserk. I briefly heard their set at Chicago’s Riot Fest 2017 and saw sweating bodies emerging from the crowd, but experiencing the crowd first-hand was absolute insanity. For a band that still falls under the “pop-punk” genre, their fans throw a surprisingly damaging pit with fists and feet flying; less in a “crowd-killing” way, and more in a “we’re angry, good people” way.

I’ve been to an insane amount of shows like any seasoned music journalist, and while many bands have insane crowds every now and then, very few bands have absolute bonkers shows in every single city. Recently releasing their second studio album Shapeshifter, including singles “Gone” and “Double Helix”, the pop-punk group brings an energy that makes standing still inexcusable. Before the powerhouse graced the stage, emo/rock band Movements from California brought a building ambiance playing tunes from their recent release Feel Something, which charted on 6 different lists, #1 for New Artist Albums. With Homesafe as an opener, the two-month national U.S. tour has been selling out shows left and right. Going through the rest of November with the last date this Sunday, you should 100 percent choose one of these three bands to support with your paychecks.

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*DISCLAIMER: We are aware another band was at this show/on the bill. We have chosen not to mention them, credit them, or provide them any publicity, as determined by our staff as inappropriate in light of recent allegations. As details emerge and the investigation develops, the ban of this particular band may or may not be lifted. Thank you understanding, and we encourage other outlets to do the same.

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