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Single “Your Room” emerges from the second of Three Cheers Too Late’s acoustic sessions 



Slowing down the pace of their typically rambunctious productions, Three Cheers Too Late’s new acoustic single is a welcomed addition to every summer playlist. Based out of New Jersey, the pop-punk band intended for their recent release—a remastery from their previous EP, Ernstine—to convey the melancholic undertones revealed within the lyrics. 

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“Your Room” depicts the struggle of an individual wrestling with the burden of emotional leftovers from a former relationship. In the words of the five members, the single is “about living with regrets. Regrets about the things you didn’t do with people you loved because you thought you had time, you thought there would be another day.” Though the subject itself is grim, they believe the song will encourage listeners to consider “how important it is to cherish the time you have with people you love, don’t just go through life saying we can just do that another day, because that day might not come.”

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