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Sleater-Kinney share new song “The Center Won’t Hold”



As we inch closer to the release of Sleater-Kinney’s new album The Center Won’t Hold, anticipation and excitement have seemed to take a backseat just a little bit. This is primarily because just a few weeks back, drummer Janet Weiss announced her departure. Being that SK is a three piece, with each member vital to the group’s core sound, the news was shattering for many fans. Weiss still was in on the recording process for the new LP, it’s just that she’s now decided to call it quits, ahead of its release.

Although we don’t necessarily know the reasoning, we do know it seems to throw the album release cycle off a bit. But yesterday, singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein made more of a statement about Weiss leaving, which seemed to calm the nerves around the internet. And what do you know, that collective sigh of sort of relief came at the perfect time for today the band have started picking back up where they left off, with the release of a third single from the project.

“The Center Won’t Hold” is not only the title track from the upcoming album, but also the album opener. And one can very easily see why. It’s more of the band exploring new sounds and ideas, just like the previously released singles. But this time, things are noticeably darker and much more powerful.

Singer/guitarist Corin Tucker shared this statement about the track:

“‘The Center Won’t Hold’ drops you into the world of catastrophe that touches on the election. And almost like a mission statement, at the end of that song, it’s like the band is finding its way out of that space by becoming a rock band.”

Check out the animated lyric video for “The Center Won’t Hold” below.

The Center Won’t Hold is out August 16 via Mom + Pop. Pre-order it now.


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