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Social Distance 1: A Curated Quarantine Exploration



Get some headphones.

COVID-19 has us all stuck in place. At the same time, when is the next time you’ll be ordered to be inside and not going to work or school? Use these tracks as stepping stones and explore more or less with the provided suggestions dependent on what you’re feeling.

Here’s how we’re making it through the quarantines:

1. Jai Paul’s “Str8 Outta Mumbai”

Jai Paul is my favorite best kept secret. In 2013 his debut album was leaked and he slunk away into secrecy, emerging last year by finally releasing officially what many consider to be the greatest leaked project ever (And 2 singles!). To warm you up, we’ll start with something you can get up and hop around the room to. Or dance. Whatever you feel up to. (Like this? Follow up with “Genevieve – Unfinished” & “BTSTU – Demo”.).

2. Toro y Moi’s “Minors”

‘Causers of This’ is hands down my favorite Toro y Moi album: super experimental, spacey, and bouncy, check this song before diving into the rest of the album (Start with track one and let it play out. Seriously.).


3. Reaper’s “Heady”

When I first heard this song, I was convinced it was the best produced song I had ever heard. Still holding onto that a bit. You’re welcome for this one.

4. The Strokes’  “Hard to Explain” & “Chances”

Two new singles from The Strokes (“At The Door” & “Bad Decisions”) seemed like a dream come true. But all they did was left me underwhelmed, wanting some old Strokes tunes. Sink into some of the best music the 2000’s had to offer.

5. Takethestage’s “Beautiful Boy”

Astoria, New York’s Takethestage dropped this grippingly catchy track late last year. Still an underground hit, jump on the bandwagon while you still can.

6. MGMT’s “As You Move Through The World”

MGMT’s second independently released single came early as a consolation for their postponed tour dates. Be prepared: this is a 7:36 instrumental to be paired with a drink and something else to do. Maybe now’s a good opportunity to pick up reading again?

7. Novo Amor’s “Anchor”

Continuing to chill out–one of the most beautiful songs i’ve ever heard. Another one to kick back to.

8. Slade’s “Achey”

One of singer-songwriter Max Slade’s first projects, “Achey” is a really heart wrenching ballad you’ll love. Follow up with his newer releases (“Super 8” is a must listen if you loved this one.).

9. 18pm’s “Poolside”

Stripped down reverb drenched guitar and vocals. Catchy. Most importantly, real good. All you need to know.

10. Mndsgn’s “Browneez”

I know what you’re thinking. “This playlist is all over the place.” Explore one of the most groovy beats off of Mndsgn’s latest project and bob your head to some eclectic sampled energy.


Bonus: 88-Keys’ “That’s Life (feat. Mac Miller & Sia)

Thanks for enjoying and exploring a bit with us today. Stay cool & collected as we move through this weird time. “Thats life. Whatcha gonna do.” Let’s finish with some nostalgic Mac. Tune in next week for Social Distance 2.

Here’s the Spotify playlist for easy listening.

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