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Social Distance 2: A Curated Quarantine Exploration



Get some headphones (again).

Well, this is the moment of truth. The cabin fever is reaching a pitch, your roommate ate all the leftover chicken (thanks, mom), you’re tired of working, but at the same time all you do is have time to waste. Don’t worry. We’re back again with the second specially curated “playlist” for your life inside. This time we really focused on the exploration aspect, providing you with audio as well as visual avenues to walk down.


  1. Tame Impala’s “Powerlines” (Currents Collector’s Edition Video)

When Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) was recording his 3rd studio album, ‘Currents’, he happened to record half of the sessions he did. Out of the sessions came obviously a great album, but also a collection of B-sides and remixes. Powerlines was one track that made it onto this special second release: here’s the video of the recording session that produced it. (Hint: listen to the differences and the changes he made in the final arrangement and mix compared to the video).

2. Kiefer’s “Highway 41”

Kiefer is a pianist, producer, and all around one of my favorite musicians. Happysad, his second full length album, is something I play to this day. Since then, he has done production for the likes of Anderson .Paak and SiR. This pick is more of a, “go listen to the whole album, then listen more” type of pick. Chill, cool, and collected to keep you sane.

His recent Twitch streams have been great. Check out a little preview and maybe catch the next one.

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dilla 🎹

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3. Brent Faiyaz’s “Lost Kids Get Money”

Maybe it’s just me, but I completely slept when it came to Brent’s latest 2 projects. I really listened to ‘Sonder Son’ a good amount, but disregarded the new albums as nothing special. Jesus, I was wrong. These are some of the best produced and mixed songs I have heard in a long time, and combined with his voice that’s more ethereal than unique… man. This song’s songwriting plays more into the overindulgent persona he’s built through his career, but it’s too catchy. If you’re with this, ‘Fuck The World’ is worth a big listen. (Hint: Headphones necessary to really understand the quality of production.)

Here’s an interview about his production choices on the album. Super interesting.

Brent Faiyaz on Why He’s Not Your Average R&B Artist

4. Frank Ocean’s “Dear April” (Leak, and Acoustic)

Well, if you’re a fan of Frank Ocean chances are you’ve already been through this song a hundred or more times. But it’s obvious at this point that he’s got a big project on the horizon: a few days ago he gave in and put out the studio recordings of this leak:

Here’s the acoustic. Can’t lie, I love the B side Justice remix.

5. OKMIDNIGHT!’s “1000SKIES” (feat. lil never)

How this guy is still underground is beyond me. OKMIDNIGHT’s debut mixtape is one for the books: it’s genre bending in the most extreme way, and his style is a car crash of punk, trap, rock, all combining to bring on the most oddly hard nostalgic sound. You’ve got to hear it.

Follow up with this Clairo cover. Trust.

6. Dreamer Boy’s “Falling for the Wrong One”

Zach Taylor’s musical project, Dreamer Boy, created this summer song of the year that makes me wanna go outside. The exploration on this one is just more (& more) of this guy and his group.

7. BADBADNOTGOOD’s “Street Knowledge” (feat. Ghostface Killah & Tree)

‘Sour Soul’, the collaborative album from jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan is brilliant. Since 2015 I have attempted to put people onto this record. Don’t let it slip.

In addition to this impressive acumen, BADBADNOTGOOD has worked with some other artists in the past you might know a bit.

8. No explanation needed.

9. Ant Clemons’ “Aladdin”

Pharrell and Ant Clemons teamed up on this song off of Clemons’ new record, ‘HAPPY 2 BE HERE’. It just so happens it has one of the most ridiculously catchy hooks i’ve heard this year.

10. Phoelix’s “Trivial Pursuit”

Longtime collaborator and member of Smino’s “Zero Fatigue” label Phoelix found his way onto my radar last year, when he opened for Smino at the Catalyst. Dude has the most unique flows, production, and is a special artist. This track was one of the first he played live and it blew my mind. This is off his 2018 project ‘TEMPO’. Check it out.

Bonus: Monte Booker’s “Kompany” (feat. Smino & Phoelix)

Thanks for spending some time exploring with us today. Really, stay inside and focus on that hobby you’ve always wanted to pick up. Like juggling. Or brushing your teeth three times a day. Let’s finish with my favorite song from 2017.

Stay safe!

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