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Song of the Rose: Album Review



Four years is a long time between Arbouretum records, but they have proved that it was well worth the wait. The Baltimore-based purveyors of psych-folk decided to go in a different direction this time. Song of the Rose blends together several different styles that seem to come so naturally to the band. The styles also remind listeners how much they have missed this band’s eclectic sound.

Contained of eight tunes and running pretty much 40 minutes level, Song of the Rose offers ripeness in its melodicism, reverberation in its emotionality and heave in its patient, natural musical rollout. Tunes like the title track, “Call upon the Fire” and the drifting, organ-bound “Soil Trails” demonstrate trancelike and important in kind, and the plans between Heumann, bassist Corey Allender, drummer Brian Carey and keyboardist Matthew Puncture mesh smoothly into and around Americana, non-mainstream, and substantial psychedelia with an effortlessness pretty much unmatched in the US. With Song of the Rose, they slide once more into it without breaking a sweat after the generally long nonattendance and oversee, as ever, to present it to another phase of itself.

The verses don’t generally have an indistinguishable clearness from the music, yet even Heumann’s more conceptual minutes feel wise and sincerely felt in setting, and the more straightforward explanations of “Absolution Song” and “Comanche Moon” hit their objectives unequivocally. The designing by Steve Wright is eminent, getting the exhibitions with an unpretentious lucidity and including an appreciated feeling of the environment when it’s required. While Song of the Rose won’t hype up the mood at your next party, if you are searching for an album that comes off as intelligent and delightful then Arbouretum has made an album you must listen to.

Album: Song of the Rose

Artist: Arbouretum

Released: March 24, 2017

Genre: Pop/Rock

Rate: ***

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