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Stef Chura shares some “Sweet Sweet Midnight”



A little while back, the great, albeit underrated, Stef Chura announced her big sophomore album Midnight, which is due out early next month. The LP had been proceeded by a solid debut album that gained some traction after getting reissued by Saddle Creek Records. She then followed that up with a quick 7″ that featured new tracks produced by Car Seat Headrest‘s Will Toledo. And as it turns out, that meeting of the two got spun into collaborating on a full length album. Thus far, we’ve heard Toledo’s imprint on the first two singles from Midnight, but today we hear it even more with the newest song “Sweet Sweet Midnight.”

“Sweet Sweet Midnight” follows in-line with both “Method Man” and “They’ll Never,” featuring a buzzing guitar-heavy haze of sound. Toledo produced all of the upcoming album, and although you can hear his impact on Stef Chura’s already self-assured sound, you’d likely not know he was involved just by hearing the tracks. That is, until the new one. On “Sweet Sweet Midnight,” there is space for all the instruments to breathe open air, while still remaining in the realm of some sort of controlled chaos. But it’s towards the middle of the song where things get amplified a bit by the interjection of Will Toledo’s voice. His typical, low volume speak-singing slides itself into the mix, leading to a nice bit of vocal trade-off between him and Chura. And in case you weren’t already taken by the power of their collaboration on previous songs, this one should do the trick. Three tracks down, and Midnight is shaping up to be one of the low-key most anticipated releases of the Summer.

Check out “Sweet Sweet Midnight” below.

Midnight is out June 7. Pre-order it now.


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