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Stream Adrianne Lenker’s new album ‘abysskiss’



Adrianne Lenker is taking this year off from writing and recording a new Big Thief album (at least as far as we’re aware). But that hasn’t stopped her from still being relentlessly busy. Aside from still touring with Big Thief, Lenker also wrote and recorded a solo album. It’s called abysskiss and it’s out today on Saddle Creek Records. Unlike what we’ve been hearing from her band, this one takes things way down. It trades out the eclectic full-band sound for something much more minimal and folky, while still retaining Lenker’s knack for writing completely captivating songs.

The release of abysskiss has been preceded by a couple of singles, all which clearly indicate the type of record that it is. Lenker’s voice matches the intimate nature of the sparse, yet winding guitars. The intensity of some of Big Thief’s songs, though, remains wholly intact. Except this time it’s the intensity of calmness. There are still dark tones abound with some atmospherics that will fit comfortably in our upcoming changing weather. This is an album that is at once quiet, somewhat reserved, but at the very same time resolutely powerful. Simply put, Adrianne Lenker’s songwriting style and commitment to executing sound ideas flawlessly is still leaps and bounds better than any other “person with a guitar” album you’ll hear this year. The encapsulating presence on of Lenker on record is, to my mind, nearly unmatched right now. And abysskiss only furthers this opinion.

Stream abysskiss at whichever platform you so desire right here.

Also support the great Saddle Creek Records (and Adrianne Lenker) by picking up a physical copy here.


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