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Stream Death Cab For Cutie’s new album ‘Thank Your For Today’ right now



Death Cab For Cutie are releasing their ninth studio album Thank You For Today this Friday. And you probably already know that. Previously, the band have teased the new LP with three singles, all of which showcased a different sound palette. You probably already know that too. But in case you were staying away from those songs so that you could go into the full album with fresh ears, well today is your lucky day.

As part of NPR’s ongoing quest to give all of us early streams of the most anticipated albums, they’ve just shared that the entirety of Thank You For Today is up for your listening pleasure now. For a band that have been going strong since the tail-end of the 90’s, it’s quite an achievement that they’re still here. And they’re still making music that sounds fresh and interesting. They may have lost key member Chris Walla in between albums, but the band have added a couple of new ones (officially). So this new LP acts as the new phase in Death Cab For Cutie’s chronology. The album winds up being both a nostalgic look back on their career, as well as several steps forward. Whatever you may feel about the album in the end, it’s still something that we should be thankful for.

Dive into the full album right here.

Like what you heard? Pre-order Thank You For Today here.


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