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Sulene shares music video for “identity crisis”



Featured Image by Spencer Kohn

Sulene, a Brooklyn-based artist from South Africa, recently dropped the music video for her single “identity crisis” off of her newest EP he•don•ic

The electro-pop track represents the altering perception of oneself and specifically the artist’s own cognizance. The music video harnesses vibrant colors and warped visuals surrounding Sulene, the subject of the production, to emphasize the reorientation of self-image contingent on her mindset. She remains in the frame throughout the entirety of the video, but her surroundings are consistently altered to match the energy of the placement in the song; as the beat slows, the shot is calmer and as the pace begins to pick up, the colors and edits become increasingly lively. Everything from the captivating edits to the details in the lighting, makeup, and outfits come together to complete a fascinating production that reflects her identity crisis.

The single one of five songs on he•don•ic where Sulene depicts more of her relationship with hedonism and addiction with astounding artistic expression. Speaking on the topic of “identity crisis”, Sulene explained. “Whenever I’m having an identity crisis, my perception of myself is filtered through whatever mood I’m in.” She continued, “This inspired the creation of the music video.”

Check it out:

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