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“Sunlight” by Mourners tells it how it is



Mourners, the punk rock band from my hometown of LA that like to typically indulge in feelings of melancholy and misery, have shared their latest track, Sunlight,” a brutally and chillingly honest tune that hits a little too close to home in this present moment. You might even get a little uncomfortable listening to the lyrics, but that’s definitely meant to happen. 

The way I see it, the entirety of Sunlight” proclaims the notion that America, the country founded on Native American genocide, built on the backs of slaves, and to only then further its existence through perpetuating racism, xenophobia, and other systems of domination, was never great. “America / Where dreams go to die / In the bed of a truck / South of I-95 / Sunlight / There’s no sunlight / Just flame on the horizon line.” If you really start to think about it, America quite seriously sucks

This song makes you want to cry, to smash things, to scream, to punch a wall, kick a door, pull your hair out, and then smash even more things because of just how true it is. “All news / Bad news / Whole lies / Half truths / Nightmares coming true / They’re coming for you.”

So play this song loud in your car, in your room, in literally any place you can, and sit in that initial discomfort. Cry. Feel rage. Feel hopeless. Feel it all. Then get to the end of the song, garner some hope, and realize that the fabrics upon which this country is constituted need to be deracinated. Something has to change, and we all need to be the ones to actualize it

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