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SUPREME UNBEING release first single “You’ll Never Make It”



SUPREME UNBEING is a mysterious metal band who just recently released their debut single “You’ll Never Make It” that features their existential messages clearly projected through heavy riffs, astounding solos, and philosophically intriguing lyrics.

The lead vocalist Zac Red, also considered to be a prophet, created this song to embody the quest one takes in trying to understand their own existence. It is an incredibly deep concept that SUPREME UNBEING has no trouble tackling as their leader acts as the physical form of our collective consciousness, the ambient quantum entanglement of our most personal thoughts.

After observing the world for some 30 years, he has assembled his fellow prophets D. Vine, Unknown and Al Mytee to create the psychologically complex musical act who hopes to share their content in extremely mysterious, almost ethereal, ways. Thom Hazaert from the groups newly acquired label EMP Label Group explains how he was eerily introduced to this richly intuitive musical concoction:

“I received a strange, unmarked package in the mail one day; No return address, no information, just a hand recorded cassette tape, with the words ‘SUPREME UNBEING’ written on it. Thankfully, I still own a cassette player, so I put it in, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’m still not entirely sure who the band is, or what I signed (and I think they might actually be cartoons), but once I heard it, I just knew they had to be on EMP. The messages of Zac Red were just too powerful to ignore. And to be honest, it hasn’t left my cassette deck since.”

SUPREME UNBEING is set to release additional singles in the following months prior to the release of their debut full-length LP “Enter Reality” which is set to release on October 10th, 2020.

View the visualizer video for “You’ll Never Make It” here:

Stream the song now on Spotify.

Follow SUPREME UNBEING on their socials:

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Kira Proctor is a recent UCLA Communications graduate with a passion for music and live events. In yearning for creative expressions, she has seen over 100 bands live, hosted her own radio show, and worked with companies such as Girlie Action Media, TEDx, and GeekRockTV in PR, Marketing, and Journalism. Kira lives her life searching for the next piece of entertainment that she can help develop.

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