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Swayló shares new song “Mi Amor”



Electronic artist Swayló is celebrating today’s new moon with brand new single “Mi Amor.” The track sees the multi-cultural artist mixing together a deep house sound with hip hop instrumentals, which is all carried by a Latin American voice feature. The result is an expansive, wide-eyed dance track that’ll get you immersed in layered sounds that span the globe.

Swayló, born Noah De St. Croix Kessler, has woven influences from his roots of New Mexico, Mexico, and Southern Africa. Although the instrumentals are far-reaching, “Mi Amor” never loses its place or purpose. The grooves jostle around with rhythmic switches in style, yet the message is always clear: spread love.

Speaking about the track’s meaning, Swayló shared this statement:

This song is dedicated to love that is resilient. To love that can withhold the highest of integrity throughout the most trying of times, transition and chaos. Even in times when the physical nature is absent and when there is time and space between the two hearts, it is known and trusted that the love withstands through it all. The passion is fiery strong but gentle and pure. This love is true love, it’s my love, “Mi Amor”.

We, humans, are nature, nature is resilient, therefore we are resilient. We are all in this together for worse of for better. So, we must make the choice to unite in love rather than in war and violence which is traumatic and causes suffering for all.

Check out “Mi Amor” right below here.

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