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It’s Sylar Season: Jayden Panesso of Hip-Hop Infused Rock Group Sylar On New Album “Seasons”



sylar seasons

Opening title track “Seasons” of Queens rap/rock Sylar new album contains the hard rock capabilities to break through any barrier as they continue to soar to the top of charts like Billboard’s Top 30 Rock Albums. While many fans and journalists compare the group to most well-known rap/rock champions Linkin Park, Sylar deserves to be analyzed and praised for their harder sound. As listeners ride the dangerous waves created by Travis Hufton (bass), Cody Ash (drums), and Dustin Jennings (guitar), vocalists Jayden Panesso and  Miguel Cardona send shockwaves with screams and clean raps. With Beartooth’s new record out last week and Sylar’s new record out today, The Disease Tour stops in Charlotte this coming Friday (Oct. 12) and our chat with Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso has us wired for the show!


The new record Seasons is out and you guys have spoken about change being the driving force behind this full length. Thinking back in your own experience, what changes were you forced to adapt to in the music world?
The biggest change through it all had to be going from living a completely normal lifestyle to then spending most of our time traveling all the time and being away from our loved ones. Not everybody is built for this routine and lifestyle. Personally for me, I recently became a father of a beautiful baby girl, and I can’t even begin to explain how much that’s changed everything for me.
On the topic of seasons, America, in general, has been in the middle of some serious change. Are there any current issues we can find inspiring Sylar lyrics?
I’ve just felt like the world has grown so cold throughout the years. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m getting older and I’m now realizing a lot of this stuff, but yeah. That’s made me feel a certain way about life and I did write about it. You can hear more on “Open Wounds.”
Besides the obvious nu metal influences like Linkin Park, what are some other bands that fueled your musical fire?
Bands like Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon, Thrice, and Rage Against The Machine.
Who are some bands that you’ve toured with who have stood out from the rest and why?
We toured with the Insane Clown Posse this year and it was straight up one of the sickest experiences. I guess they really stood out to me big time because they literally put on one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever been to. Not to mention the cult following and the world they have created in their realm. Hats off to them. Also, our boys in Beartooth who we’re currently on tour with. Those guys know exactly how to put together a rock show.
Tell us a “WTF?!” tour story. We know there’s a few!
On our tour with ICP, we saw a Juggalo getting a blowjob on top of a cop car after the show in New Orleans haha. I gotta say, that one is one for the books.
There are some hip-hop influences in Sylar’s vibe, what are some hip-hop artists you listened to as a kid?
Man, the list can go forever with this one, but some of the main guys I was listening to were Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Big L, Wu-Tang Clan, Jadakiss, Tupac, and Immortal Technique.
7. Connecting to your fans seems to be super important to you guys, can you remember some experiences that music helped you get through on your life?
Oh, absolutely. Tons of times through my teenage years; my escape was fully music. The bands that fueled my passion. I was very insecure about a lot of things growing up, and I can easily say creating music helped me boost my confidence, and it still does to this day.

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