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Tae & The Wave release new single “2002”



Alt-pop artist, Tae & The Wave, reminisce on the early aughts on new single, “2002,” out June 14th, 2019. Celebrating 10 years in Los Angeles with the release of his fifth single, Tae & The Wave has been hard at work defining himself as an artist unafraid to experiment with pop norms. Over the past ten years, he’s developed a dedicated following playing at classic LA venues like The Hotel Cafe and music festivals including two of Ohio’s largest festivals, Numbers Music Fest and Breakaway Music Festival.

Tae & The Wave has performed alongside major artists like Halsey and Khalid, seamlessly blending in with the best of pop music via his chill-inducing electro beats and hooky melodies. Tae & The Wave immerses listeners in a melody perfectly crafted for summertime on new single, “2002.” An ode to the idyllic days of pop music, when lyrics were simple and melodies were a carefree adventure immersed in positivity, the track exudes a sense of celebration and hopefulness. Self-produced by Tae & The Wave, who consulted with Jerry Depizzo of OAR, it’s a synthy dip into the shimmery waters of the ocean on a crisp summer day. A look back at being young and free, the track captures the essence of youth with it’s effortless instrumentation. A fluid groove billows under the joyful charisma of Tae & The Wave’s vocals, creating that feel-good atmosphere every great pop song should possess. Be sure to check out Tae & The Wave’s new single, “2002.”

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