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Interview: Enda Gallery talks creative process and confronting your fears

Photo Credit: Lena Siripa Kauck



Enda Gallery has just unveiled the official video for his debut album’s standout release “Guess We Got A Problem.”

We caught up with the talented artist to talk about his creative process, confronting your fears, and future plans.

1. I’d love to know what got you into music! Any inspirations?  

My first memory of music is my sister playing ‘Live Forever’ on her hi fi sound system she got for Christmas. She was seven years older than me and very cool. When I heard ‘Live Forever’ loud and in such quality, it blew my mind and filled me with emotions. I was really like…. ‘Why is that making me feel like this?!’ I couldn’t believe it. This was already a life changer. I learned instruments as a kid but I always hated how it was taught to me, so I preferred teaching myself and finding my own way.   Music totally saved my life though. It was the thing that could relate to my heart in my darkest times and I no longer felt alone.   I loved being inspired by Oasis. I loved the way that Tupac and Eminem gave an outlet to my teenage anger. Arctic Monkeys gave an outlet to my inner rascal and wit and Sufjan Stevens and Frank Ocean to my sensitivities, emotions, soul. Freddie to my inner desire to show off and Aretha and Nina Simone to my powerful soul.

2. Describe your music style in three words.  

Beautiful, Soulful, Real-as-f***

3. Tell me about your creative process, what is it like, and has it changed since quarantine?  

Last night my creative process was try to sleep at 12 and start recording lyrics coming through me at 1:30am, but it’s always different. I try to keep it super natural. If I feel something channeling through, I try to facilitate it coming into this world. That in short is everything I do for all I do.   Since quarantine yeah, it’s longer periods in one place and a lot more time alone. That can be good to really go deep on projects, but it’s then really necessary to just get away and change the scenery to remember the whole of the world and that’s not possible right now. I deeply care about channelling purely. So I’m always playing with that and I’m always playing around with different processes; what happens if I do it this way, or this? Out of necessity I started working in isolation and sometimes I can take an artist over and they live with me for a while to work on projects. That’s currently my very intense and very beautiful way of working with others. I’d like to try that with my own music soon because it’s a real bonding experience to go away into a house and emerge together with some piece of magic. Very much vibe with that.

4. Ideally, do you see yourself focusing on one niche (producing, songwriting, etc) or doing it all?  

No. As a tree I need both water and sunlight and I give both fruit and shade. There is a time for everything and for everything, a right time.   I loved seeing potential in others and knowing how to let it out fully, protected and to become strong even if that’s in its sensitivity.   I love expressing my own deepest realisations and emotions and I enjoy also having a producer to be the guide for that so I can get happily lost.

5. It’s stated on your website that you “love to work with creators who try to confront their fears.” Can you tell me more about that? How have you confronted any fears in your process?  

Yeah wild. One thing is putting your deepest emotions, stories, thoughts out into the world in any form. Another is to express all of that with your singing voice and playing and ideas and have the world love it, hate it or ignore it – whatever way the wind blows. The industry can be a hard interface too. Sometimes if I send a track to someone I do wonder: can I trust you with this song I’ve made with the best I have to offer the world? Can I trust you to listen with attention and not for 20 seconds while eating a cheese toastie?, but then I let all of that go and take the bigger view. It’s for the world and it came through me and I can just do my best.   Radical honesty is the main one. For me and for others. Once you go there it’s almost scary. Be naked and when I’m working with an artist who also wants to share like that, lyrically or with their voice – wow, that is magic. I love it!   Profound!

6. Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with, and why them specifically?  

I would love to collab with Frank Ocean and just feel how he puts music together and how it all happens, be around him and to collaborate with him. I’d think we’d do something so gorgeous.   I just really respect him and his music I think. I have a super fine sensitivity in spaces where he does too and I would just love to be a creative space like that. Sufjan Stevens would be another one. I’ve got a few songs I’d love to flesh out with Liam Gallagher as well aha. The artists I currently collaborate with Strange Boy, Tolü Makay and Willzee are dreams to collaborate with, so I’m really lucky in that way.

7. What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you? 

Focus all of your energy.

8. In an ideal world, If you could perform live right now with no constraints, where would it be and why? 

London I think. Somewhere I haven’t been in a while. New space, in a packed, sweaty little place, loud. My sister and nephew could walk to the gig and some good friends I miss could too.   That’s probably in one all the things I deeply miss: traveling, being close to strangers, performing my heart out, and fun experiences with friends and family.

9. Tell me about your future plans! What are you most excited for? Any upcoming projects?  

So many! “Super Raw” is gonna be followed by a Banger A Month for the next few. This ‘Liberation’ EP is the marker of the new era. I have a collab with Christian Rich, who’ve produced the likes of Childish Gambino, and I’ve a ton of genre bending to do. With the two names becoming one, my Rnb/Soul music is gonna sit with deep House music and it’s just the start of some very, very new musical expressions.   I just composed all the music and produced an album for Strange Boy, one of the best rappers on the planet, and that’s going to be wild and features Grammy winner Moya Brennan of Clannad. I’m working with Tolü Makay producing her album and Willzee producing his. In the dance world Solomum just added another new release of mine to his playlist which is lovely and I’ll be going to Berlin to make more once things open up. Very excited for a holiday as well as you can imagine. Most excited for!? The little opening this Summer when I can start creating my most ambitious music yet. Thanks for chatting this was lovely x

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