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The Earth Tour Recap @ The Blind Tiger



Of Mice & Men ft. Jeffrey of Bloodbather

This past Saturday, post-hardcore heavyweights Of Mice & Men took the stage at the Blind Tiger on the Greensboro date of the Earth tour in support of their critically acclaimed new-release full-length, Earth & Sky. Joining the band on the North America trek includes For the Fallen Dreams, Thousand Below, and Bloodbather. Raleigh-based metalcore act, Seeking Solace, opened for the tour package as well.

Of Mice & Men have made headlines across the globe over the past 10 years, rising to the top of the heavy music scene and proving time and time again that they have what it takes to solidify themselves as a staple within an arguably over-saturated music genre. Pushing their trademark sound with each new release, OM&M has always managed to outperform themselves each time I’ve seen them play. For me personally, this was my first time catching a performance of theirs since the departure of founding vocalist, Austin Carlile. I was a little unsure of what to expect from them, but it definitely didn’t take long for me to be completely blown away by what I would consider to be a totally reinvented live performance.

For the past few tours, OM&M have taken Volumes bassist, Raad Soudani, out on the road with them to perform as a touring member. Formerly, frontman Aaron Pauley covered both vocal and bass duties after the departure of Austin, so I was definitely curious to see how this would change up the group’s dynamic. As I expected, watching Aaron perform as a full-fledged frontman able to move across the stage and engage with the crowd like never before certainly improved their overall performance tenfold. The band performed mostly new material from Earth and Sky, however also made sure to include classic fan-favorites from previous releases such as “OG Loko,” “The Depths,” and “Would You Still Be There?” If you enjoyed the studio recordings from their latest release, you would certainly be doing yourself a disservice by not catching it live, as the material hits even harder in a live setting. While OM&M have certainly made an impact thus far in their career, they also make it clear that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t fret if you didn’t catch them this time around. After all, this was only the “Earth” tour, on the Earth and Sky album cycle!

Of Mice & Men’s sixth full-length album Earth and Sky was released on September 27th via Rise Records and is available on their webstore!


Of Mice & Men

For the Fallen Dreams

Thousand Below


Seeking Solace


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